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Products which appear on this page are recommended by the Tug-tastic Dogs. There are 10 of them, and they all like something different.  We only sell products that our tried and tested by our dogs.  If they don't like a toy, we won't list it. So those products on this page have the best recommendation of all - our dogs!

Tug-tastic's specially selected range are recommended by our dogs, for your dogs.


Cruise Dare Flirt Kobe Shock Ski Youki Zak Ziggy
Cruise is a 14 year old red border collie.  He loves to shake and rag toys, so his choice of toys has to be hardwearing.  Apart from fleece tuggies, his favorites are grunting piggies. Dare is a 16 year old blue merle border collie and the foundation bitch for the Borderstorm line.  Apart from bossing all the others around,  her hobbies are playing with latex toys. Flirt, our 10 year old blue merle border collie, doesn't like toys generally. She is motivated by people, and of course the Tug-tastic range of fleece toys.  Toys which excite Flirt are really special. Kobe, at 4 years old, is the happiest border collie ever, he loves everyone and everything...they all make him smile!   These are his favorites toys, bungee tugs &  hol-ees. Shock, our baby tri merle border collie loves to rag and tug.  But her absolute favorite is a premier league football!  Unfortunately we don't sell those, so she has listed her other favorites. Ski is a special boy, an 8 year old blue merle collie. He will only tug with a person he loves, and rarely plays on his own. But he just can't resist his pheasants or mallards! A very choosey boy! Youki, an 6 year old GSD who thinks she's a collie, loves all toys!!! However these are her absolute must have's....and her most  favorite toy...Dog-o-saur Frisbees.... Every dog should have at least one!! Zak, a 9 year old blue merle collie, who likes tugging and chasing.  But his special selection would be a gum gum ring to have an interactive game of tug with! Ziggy is a very mature old lady, at 17 years old she doesn't play much now, but in her time she's tested them all...her recommendation now....a very comfy bed and fleece to snuggle up in and keep warm. 


Dare recommends .......


bullet"Give me these face balls to play with any day!  I can really irritate the others with the great noise they make.  Lovely soft latex, they don't hurt my mouth"




We Say .......

The Latex Face Ball is one of our most popular products, we sell them in packs of 4. Colours may vary.  Great for playing with by themselves, but Dare also has one stuffed inside a lattice ball (see Shocks recommendation).

12.00 for a pack of 4 different faces, inclusive of P and P to a UK address


Shock recommends .......

bullet"These lattice balls are fab.  I like to throw them in the air and catch them all by myself, shake them, and toss them at the TV, they are very soft though and never do damage.  But I also can have a great game with my mum!  By the way, it smells great too  :o)"


We Say .......

These  Lattice Rugby Balls bounce all over the place, and keep your dog guessing. Hours of Fun and Exercise. Does all that the football does, just a bit more randomly.    Again, could be threaded on your own tuggy, or we can do it for you.  Or why not buy a bungee ring to thread it on?

Various colours - we'll surprise you!

10.50 each inclusive of P and P to a UK address





Zak recommends .......

bullet" I absolutely adore these new Products from Petprojekt - especially tennisbal's.  They come in three colours and are stylish, fun and durable.  Made from natural rubber, I love it when mum throws them for me to fetch!"


We Say .......

The Petprojekt Tennisbal is a great new invention, with a natural rubber frame protecting the traditional tennis ball! Imported from the USA, they are great fun, and the rubber frame adds a random element to the bounce!  Colours are Blue, Green and Pink (please let us choose) and the natural rubber means they are really durable.

8.50 per Tennisbal, inclusive of P and P to a UK address






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